Sunday, July 8, 2007

Red Bean Series - Red Bean Ice Cream, Simply Yummy

Red beans (Kacang Merah) are very popular in Malaysia for food, especially soup, desserts and buns. Red bean desserts and buns are easily spotted in Malaysia.

Do you like to eat it? Most likely, I bet you are. ;)

Nowadays, the red beans are also used as an ingredient in ice creams.

Today I just ate the "red bean ice cream" :), bought it from the Carrefour shopping mall, Perai, Penang, Malaysia. The pack consists of 10 sticks for RM6.00. It means one stick costs RM0.60.

Looked very familiar... Yeah... It is in the (rectangularly tube instead of circular) shape form.

It has a wooden stick as a handle, so that you can easily take the ice cream around, for examples, standing in front of the TV to watch the TV programme, standing in front of the housing compound.

:P Yummy... the embedded red beans are unveiled after a munch. ;)
Certainly, it is tasted - sweet, with crunchy red beans embedded.
It makes your day sweet.

Do you know that?
- Red beans are also known as azuki beans in English.

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杨宝茹 said...

I think I might have tasted red beans in cold soups already.