Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Review iCalvyn

Hi everyone, Calvyn is a cute young guy and a typically Penang kia (kia is a hokkien word for guy), according to the photo somewhere else. :p

How do I know about him? I get to know him online in the WebmasterMalaysia Forum which attracts a pool of webmasters/bloggers/e-enterpreneurs/developers etc. He is one of active members in that forum, and subsequently caught my attention to visit his blog. ;)

I feel touched that he is the 1st one to concern me and ask me whether I have any bog or website, indirectly inspiring me to get familiar with the blog sphere, using the blogspot platform mainly for practices before having the formal blog. In fact, he becomes my 1st blogger friend, although we had never met before. He also have congratulated me when I won the title of the Member of the Month for April 2007, May 2007 and June 2007. He is kind to help and share, especially if you have encountered problems related to blogging and website. Although he is pretty new in blogging using the formal own domain.

Calvyn is an IT Officer in Penang, he blog about his IT Officer life. He is now giving away free domain to who ever review his blog.

Gals, he is still available, if not mistaken. :) Try to date him before he is attached.

Do you know that?
- The WebmasterMalaysia Forum is initiated by ExaBytes, based in Penang.
- Penang is known as Silicon Valley of (North) Malaysia.

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icalvyn said...

wow...nice review, thank alot...writing so much good about me, actually i am a beginner on blogging only...and once of my objective is to make friend thought blogsphere...

for the free domain, kindly contact me at, will let u know more detail., so long never update already, hope have time to update soon

iCalvyn said...

Hi genzy, your review back is up

杨宝茹 said...


I read your review in iCalyn's blog! :P

iCalvyn said...

wow, 1 visitor from my blog...happy to heard that