Saturday, July 21, 2007

Review - Sony NW-E010 Series MP3 Player

Are you kidding? Are they lipsticks? Can lipsticks play music?? ;) They are Sony NW-E010 Series MP3 Player - the gadget in a size of a lipstick can easily impress you and completely lift up your standard in defining a good-quality, stylish and versatile MP3 player. Yeah.. They are tiny, so that they can be easily fitted into your pockets or whatever places you want to keep it. The sound quality is really good with Stereo Clarity and Solid Bass Beats.

Oh yeah... There are 5 stylish and vivid colours: Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink , Purple to cater for your preference.

;) With NW-E010 Series, your life will be definitely never bored, always painted with your favourite MP3 tunes. You also can always listen to your favourite radio channels.

NW-E010 Series have 3-line colour display for your track list. Further more, your favourite artists' album cover can be displayed in 3-line colour! It's so cool!

To make your life easier, Sony Walkman’s new NW-E010 Series MP3 Player has easy direct USB transfer. :)

The battery life is amazing with 3 minute charge to enjoy 3 hours of playback! It is really important for music fans that are always accompanied with music.

Love it? Grab it today! :)

The official homepage of Sony NW-E010 Series MP3 Player:

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iCalvyn said...

it really look like lipstick when 1st see the pic...i thought is what cosmetic there